Areas of expertise (geared primarily towards entrepreneurs and small businesses) are:

• Customer service – making people happy – what to do, what not to do, common mistakes, etc. What great companies do and what horrible companies do.

• PR – how a small business can get big business exposure on the stringiest of shoestrings (my own business has been in every significant publication, TV news, major websites, etc., and we’ve never used an agency or spent afortune). As I said, this topic makes for a particularly good speech for people starting and running small companies as I am able to give a real “step by step” process, from building a press list to writing effective news releases, press distribution, how to work well with writers, editors and bloggers, and follow up.

• Communication – I guest lecture at local colleges on things like personal presentation in a world of declining standards… how to be “that much” better in written and live communication, whether starting a career, growing a career, running a business, etc.

• Entrepreneurship topics – Starting and running a small business on a true small business budget, creative work, low cost resources, tools and techniques for just about everything, realities and common pitfalls of money for the small business owner, the importance of company culture, etc.

• International business for small business people – navigating the business and cultural issues of working with people overseas, sourcing products, etc. (based on my 20 years of traveling and working with people in probably 20 or 25 countries).

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