Michael's company has been awarded the highest possible "Elite" designation by Stella Service, the most sophisticated and comprehensive customer service rating organization. This ranking is shared by best-of-the-best companies like Amazon, Zappos, Apple, and a select few others.

Client Comments about Michael Hess and Business With Class® Programs and Services

When you tackle a significant event…when it’s the first time for the event, there are tons of places to misstep and even fall down. And when your keynote topic needs to be a strong draw, perhaps even the event anchor, selecting the presenter is equally important to the topic!

Our engagement with Michael was perfect! He not only delivered the topic with excellence but he invested himself into and with the audience. 100% of attendees gave Michael rave reviews for his breadth of knowledge, subject command and delivery. His contribution to our event was a critical element of its overall success.

Dave Madison and Ed Hanchett

EquaTEK Interactive

Boy, were we fortunate! Michael Hess was the keynote speaker for our recent Creativity: Careers in Motion event here at RIT. This event attracts high profile agencies and Fortune 500 companies from all over the country to network and review student portfolios and includes career-focused programming. Michael's audience included a range of students working towards degrees that will prepare them for a career in the creative industry. His topic was “Creativity and Commerce: The Battle and the Balance”.Thanks to his dynamic presentation they came away with a better understanding of the strengths and potential weaknesses of a creative personality and how that fits with the reality of the business world. Even the savviest student came away with ideas for how to build on these valuable qualities and position themselves for success!

Gretchen Burruto

Assistant Director, Rochester Institute of Technology Office of Co-op and Career Services

Michael taught me a great deal about many things; how to handle customers, how to write copy, and even how to deal with stressful situations. He has been instrumental in my evolution as an entrepreneur, and to this day his voice still echoes in my head as I face the daily challenges of running my own business.

Benjamin Scrivens

President/CEO, Fright-Rags

Michael has been an invaluable resource on ecommerce, production and fulfillment. He shares his experience and best practices so others can avoid pitfalls while growing their businesses.

Jessica Gibaldo

CEO, Harry Barker

Lucky Audience! Those fortunate to enjoy a presentation by Michael Hess will leave loaded with “takeaways.” Michael presents his fresh, creative take on the world of marketing and customer service with the effectiveness of his written word: Honest. Direct. Terse. Both my staff at the real estate firm I founded and my Board of Directors at the nonprofit I chaired gave Michael the highest grades. If he is available, sign him up. Michael will make the event planner look good.

Judy Columbus

Founder/CEO, Judy Columbus Real Estate and JudysBrokerNetwork.com

Michael threw me a lifeline when I most needed it – at the startup of a business in a new market. I could ask him anything about naming, branding, web marketing and more; he educated me in the process of our consultation. To this day I can count on him for focused answers that put my business as first priority.

Deborah Roberts

CEO, Snuggapup

Michael is simply one of the business leaders who “gets it,” and gets it right. He has repeatedly demonstrated in his presentations to my students and me that he understands the strategic role of design in the global marketplace. Design is the lever that can maximize value for customers and the businesses that serve them, and Michael has put design at the core of his enterprise, with proven results.

Alan Reddig

Sr. Lecturer, Rochester Institute of Technology

When I read your Core Values I was awe-stricken. Even without being familiar with your brand, product or enterprise, reading them, would motivate me, as a consumer, to buy one of your products without the slightest hesitation, and as an entrepreneur, to engage in business with you without a second thought. I rarely write messages like this (In fact I never have before) but I just wanted to let you know I think these values are brilliant to read, but even more so to apply. I will use them in discussions with my clients and will make sure to let them know where they came from.

Mark Schilperoort

Founder/Owner, MBC - Interim Management & Consultancy

The Netherlands

Michael is a class act and sharp as a tack. His product design and marketing abilities are unbeatable. I would work with Michael again in a second.

Phil Alwitt

Founder, Zing Designs (acquired by Hess family business)

I attended Michael's keynote at the SHiFt conference, and learned more about PR in that free presentation than in just about every paid event I've gone to.

Josh Crocker

Membership Sales Coordinator, Penfield Fitness & Racquet Club